Academic Computing


In the course of doctoral study, one of the things I have found the most valuable is learning on academic computing from a research point of view.  However, this educational process is painstaking and time-consuming.  Learning from my past experience, I will provide some practical help on how to execute and troubleshoot at a minimum level.

Typically, “JabRef (Reference Manager)” and “LaTex  (*.tex)” are compiled together through “WinEdt” in case of my research to produce a paper in pdf output format.  These programs are also really helpful to make a presentation slide (in LaTex Beamer) that looks very nice and neat.

On the other hand, “STATA” and “R” are two statistical software packages popularly used in the field of Social Science.  Using these software packages, I will demonstrate how to write a model,  depending on types of dependent variables, and conduct a test.  Some details are also devoted to explaining how to draw inference about interaction effects in multivariate regression analyses.

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