LaTex is a typesetting system. It allows you to produce scientific and technical documentation. I use it for writing academic papers as well as preparing for powerpoint like presentation slides (what this called “LaTex Beamer”). Basically, there are three components essential to the process.

1) Typesetting systems  (Installing LaTex Language) – This is about rules of font, several packages, and documentation. An organized collection of such files for TeX is called a TeX distribution. Examples of distribution are MikTeX (windows), TeXlive (several plataforms – Mac), ProTeXt (windows).




2) Compiler programs (e.g., WinEdt, TexCenter…)

WinEdt:      –> This is a trial-version of 30 days. $30 for purchase after the trial. I recommend this program over other alternatives. This has many plugins and you can integrate it with R and Stata.

TeXnicCenter:  –> This is a free ware.

3) Output program (e.g., pdf, Gsview)

After you successfully compile *.tex file using one of compiler programs, you need to have an out put file executable (usually pdf ) program.

A short introduction to the setup of these three components and basic function will be updated soon.

4) Latex Table Editor

This site link allows you to create a table for Latex. Very Easy to use and get a code for compilation. [click for a lager image]

Part I. Working on Existing Latex Templates is the best way to learn LaTex.

Try with This link has a lot of templates downloadable for your academic paper, whether they are term papers, homework assignments, thesis, academic journal paper, etc. I recommend working with existing template and modify for your own purpose. This is really good way to learn write your paper with LaTex.

Leave a comment for questions / Suggestion. Thanks.

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