WinEt allows you to complie *.tex files for LaTeX as well as include useful plugin functions with which you can manage a dofile for STATA (currently to WinEdt 5.0) and a script file for R. One of great advantage of this program, you can execute many different programs all at the same time through it. For examples, I have been using WinEdt for several purposes as follows:

1) Write a R script and run it on, which opens a R output screen to display any analyses (I find this plugin function is really helpful to debug any errors incurred).

2) Write a TeX file to produce academic papers as well as powerpoint style (but looking much professional) LateXBeamer.

3) I manage *.bib file (for JabRef for reference management) easily.

In short, WinEdt is a package program for you to do multitasking. It is based on 30 days trial version, but the permanent license for obtaining an  educational version is $40.00. Download is available at

** Screen Shot  **

Part I. Basic Function –> will be updated soon.

Leave a comment for questions / Suggestion. Thanks.

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